• 60%of all e-commerce transactions are controlled by Amazon
  • 90%of US shoppers research products on Amazon
  • 49%of US households are Amazon Prime subscribers

Amazon is leading a retail revolution with 300 million customers.

Your Opportunity

When your customers can’t find your products on Amazon, they buy your competitor’s. Amazon’s tremendous reach and sales capacity can’t be ignored. A dedicated Amazon merchandising program is a must for your current and future success!

We Can Help

With our brand-centric turnkey approach, we’ll create your custom Amazon marketing and merchandising program and help you realize your massive sales potential by:

  • Leveraging our deep Amazon relationships to secure your optimal sales platform
  • Developing a custom digital strategy to beat the competition
  • Creating promotional programs that win the buy box
  • Building beautiful storefronts and engaging content
  • Monitoring reporting and managing to optimize sales
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Unlike any other retailer, Amazon delivers:

  • Reach – measurable brand awareness and purchase intent
  • Sales – meaningful sales–possibly from your competitors customers
  • Advocacy – trusted reviews and recommendations that inspire purchases
  • Loyalty – repeat purchases and reoccurring revenue from subscription sales

Case Studies

Sun Product Corporation

“Amazon allows you to put the speed, flexibility and genius of Amazon to work for your brands and get in front of customers with lightning speed”
–Tim Blachowski, eCommerce Team Leader, Sun Products

Pardue Associates supported Sun Products All laundry detergent brand marketing effort on Amazon.  Within the first 6 months of launch All invested $23.5K and generated over 35M ad impressions, resulting in $125,679 in sales.


“It would be a huge missed opportunity for brands not to participate on Amazon.  With the targeting capabilities, cost efficiency and performance opportunities, it’s a must for any company.”
–Alan Krantzler, Brand President, Baggallini

Baggallini launched their Amazon program to drive sales and visibility for their products. With the help of Pardue Associates, they leveraged various targeting methods within the Amazon ecosystem to reach their specific audience. Within the first year, Baggallini experienced over 5x ROI.

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We specialize in helping consumer lifestyle and packaged goods brands that want to propel their business forward. If you’re a brand that:

  • Needs a turnkey Amazon marketing and merchandising program
  • Wants to realize your full sales potential with Amazon as a partner
  • Needs to augment your current sales program with the addition of Amazon

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